Very First Omega Speedmaster CK2915 from 1957The OMEGA Speedmaster CK2915!Recently, I got in contact with a watchmaker by the name of Sampo from Finland. He mainly collects Omega replica watches through the 1950s and 1960s  and works well with one of the Omega Service Centers. His main interest switches into the Seamaster 300 replica watches, Railmasters and Speedmasters from that era. Couple of in years past he went vintage and sold his new replica watches and acquired an attractive Speedmaster 105.012-66, Speedmaster 105.003-63, a Ranchero CK2990, Railmaster 2914-1 and a couple Seamaster 300 CK2913 models.  A wonderful collection until now, but he recently added a Speedmaster CK2915 likewise. The very first Speedmaster from 1957.Omega Speedmaster CK2915By coincidence watches , he found this Omega Speedmaster CK2915 available for sale on a Finnish auction website. The photos were vague and incredibly unclear, but he recognized the watch becoming a Speedmaster 2915 immediately.The Speedmaster 2915 hasn't been in the best shape and needed some work. Haute Horlogerie Since they are a watchmaker himself, he surely could do everything himself. The biggest issue - as usual with vintage pieces - will be the sourcing of original and time-correct parts. As you can tell, the bezel just isn't correct and doubtless are going to be hard to find. Once you discover in regards to a spare bezel for Sampo's CK2915 Speedy, please call us.The dial in this watch was excellent as-is and didn't need any work. The hands might need a relume but he is not positive that he have to do so. It's better to ruin a set of CK2915 hands instead source a couple of replacements. Vehicles sources a brand new old-stock crown from France plus a new zero pusher at a box with parts from a colleague watchmaker.Inside rolex green submariner , the renowned caliber 321 ticks at 18000 bph but does need some servicing. They have a variety of caliber 321 parts in stock to be able to service his variety of caliber 321 chronograph replica watches for the next decades. The movement will receive new main spring, center wheel, hour counting wheel and some other tiny parts which are usually broken down on these vintage caliber 321 babies.If this watch has been around since 1957, it was first intended as a watch for race car drivers, sports people and engineers who needed a chronograph to time some activities and events. There was no Moon program or  tender for chronographs at NASA. Simply a great looking sports watch. Developed by Claude Bailod at Omega and created by Pierre Moinat with his fantastic team. They probably never can have guessed the outcome their watch might have on Omega as being a brand as well as to the massive number of Speedy enthusiasts in existence.Capture through the book 'A Time Capsule - Omega Speedmaster' by Kesaharu Imai.The Omega Speedmaster CK2915 would be the rarest 'production' Speedmaster ever, fetching prices that are with this world for just a steel sports watch (Hodinkee found one available for sale here). Only handful of these replica watches withstood serious amounts of are actually preserved by people. Many probably finished up in a bin inside the quartz-era after they found their old Speedies needed expensive servicing or repair. Also, my prediction would be that the production amount of the CK2915 Speedmaster need to have been very low when compared to later CK2998, 105. fake omega watches 002 and early 105.003 models. The CK2915 Speedy was just being made for just a small amount of time, from 1957 to 1959. Its successor, the CK2998 (which we talked about some times here, here and here) had undergone a number of changes that made it look a little more much like the Moonwatch as you may know it now. A black tachymeter scale bezel and white small hands a chronograph hand.Because of Sampi for contributing his Speedmaster CK2915 to Speedy Tuesday and the friend, Mr Pekka Nieminen shot the photos of his watch.Make sure to join our Speedy Tuesday page on Facebook! Lots of other Speedy enthusiasts and daily updates! replica breitling black steel watches
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